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Classifieds in Pok Fu Lam

Pok Fu Lam is the most famous residential area in Hong Kong. It has a famous valley and people from all over the world use to visit here for their vacations. This city is historic and has its important place in Hong Kong. At the center of this city there is a famous village and it’s called Pok Fu Lam village. This city has many attractions but the country park is the most famous one. People from all over the world visit this place. It covers 2- hectares and its also called first water storage place of Hong Kong. This garden is placed near the foot hills of Victoria peak.

All nature lovers visit this place because they feel peace and calm over here. This place is true gift of nature and has many hills and woodlands. Moreover it’s the most famous place among all local parks and hills. The other side of this park has tree lined tail. People from all over the world use to visit here so that they can have picnic with their families and love ones. Moreover here you can also have best facilities of hotels, apartments, rain shelters and many other facilities. You can also have many luxury hotels at Pok Fu Lam. The most famous luxury hotel is Langham and this place is always filled with tourist. You can also have many shopping malls at this city. You can purchase Hong Kong famous products in limited prices. As you know that Hong Kong is not only famous for its beauty but it’s also famous for its electronic products.

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